Leading, coordinating, promoting, and managing the sustainable development of Azerbaijan’s regional tourism destinations.

In 2019, STA and ATB commenced the rollout of a new structure for the development, promotion and management of tourism in the regions of Azerbaijan. The structure is based on the establishment of Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) across Azerbaijan.

The purpose of the DMOs is to lead, coordinate, promote, and manage the sustainable development of Azerbaijan’s regional tourism destinations.

Representing the key regional tourism areas of Azerbaijan, the DMOs combine multiple regions and operate as a direct link between the national-level tourism organisations and the public sector, private sector and community at the regional and local levels.

The activities of the DMOs are arranged according to three key pillars:

  • Tourism marketing & communications.  Carry out tourism-oriented marketing activities including digital and print promotions, advertising and PR and participation in festivals and events.
  • Tourism business & product development.  Work with public sector partners to facilitate and support private sector and community investment in the development of tourism resources into quality products and services.
  • Tourism human resource development & standards.  Generate awareness about tourism, support strengthening of community, business and public sector capacities in tourism, and encourage continuous improvement in quality standards in the tourism industry.

In the future the number of regions will be dynamically expanded to ensure that all key regional tourism hot spots of Azerbaijan are represented by a DMO.

The outcomes of DMO activities are expected to include increased local jobs in tourism and income, increased investment in tourism related facilities and services, and the strengthening and protection of local culture and traditions.

Currently, the network of DMOs in Azerbaijan covers the following regions:

Ganja DMO

Route: West
Regions/Cities Represented: Ganja, Shamkir, Tovuz, Gadabay, Goygol, Dashkasan, Naftalan, Mingechevir

Guba DMO

Route: North East
Regions/Cities Represented: Guba, Gusar

Lankaran DMO

Route: South
Regions/Cities Represented: Lankaran, Astara, Lerik, Masallli

Sheki DMO

Route: North West
Regions/Cities Represented: Sheki, Gakh, Balaken, Zagatala